Sunday, January 15, 2012

MPM Tampa & MC Health hospitals to die for!

I can't honestly say, it's just the two above hospitals I am critical of! With all the money that goes into medicine and technology, the basic element of a hospital stay seems to be neglected! PEOPLE, the employees , the lack of people to people training. Most hospitals depict QUALITY and GREAT SERVICE in the front of the hospitals and the awards they have received for it. I always find that to be a display for we DON"T provide Quality or GREAT SERVICE!

It's like saying I am not prejudiced, my friend is black! People know if you're a prejudiced person, you don't have to advertise you're not! The same goes for hospitals! Word of mouth says you're a good hospital, not huge signs. I spent allot of my teens and adult life in hospitals and it's always those I don't see the huge signs I am most please with!

My next door neighbor who dreaded dying at MC Health (Bayonet Point Hospital), did just that about 6 months ago. And now my mother just had heart surgery there! I tried very hard to go in there when everything would be quiet and I would not be shocked at the poor quality and service directed at my mother. Well I found just the opposite. It's like I caught them off guard though to get in I had to get approval! And the fear my mother has of saying anything because the nurses can make her life miserable. Truth or not she feels that way!

MPM Tampa is no better! I honestly have to say the first shifts seem to be all over you and in some cases over do it with quality and service. And then the hell shifts kick in where the employees are not happy to be there and they make sure you know it!

Of course I spent my life fixing quality and service challenges in corporations so I don't understand why the same is not done in hospitals! I wast treated at one of the best hospitals in Miami Baptist Hospital and the same happened.It's as if Satan's coworkers come out and want to take you and you fight all night until the angels arrive in the morning.

OK, I will admit I have a low tolerance for incompetency and ignorant, arrogant employees who's job is to serve the public! I had a great surgeon once tell me "for the price you pay to be there, you should be treated like God's"! The problem is the employees think they are the God's, for they literally hold you're life hostage!

I am one to express my gratitude for some of the best doctors I have ever had in the Tampa Bay area. But I will no longer accept "yes we know the hospital has issues, but they are beyond my control"! If you're a doctor and you know the hospital is not working to par, don't send you're patient there for major surgery!

Its a problem so easy to fix! But recently when I wrote to a hospital Board of Directors, in the area with my complaints and recommendations and request for my information, they hired a lawyer to stand between them and I. I felt somewhat threaten, but did hospitals forget the first amendment?! You see it's cheaper to hire an attorney to get you to quiet down, than to put in place procedures and processes and then independently audit them!

May my mother live through this heart surgery for if any issues or challenges occur, I have enough in one visit to bury them, before they do my mother!

Dr Q

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